Talleres de Salud Ambiental en la Escuela

En el CEIP Fuentes Claras creemos que la salud  ambiental es clave para un desarrollo integral de la persona.

La Fundación Vivo Sano, a través de su iniciativa Salud Ambiental en la Escuela, ha colaborado con nuestro centro realizando varios talleres en todos los cursos para ofrecer conocimientos sobre los contaminantes químicos. Las finalidades que buscan con su proyecto son:

  • Preservar la salud de las personas, previniendo enfermedades y mejorando el nivel de salud
  • Preservar la salud del planeta, protegiendo el Medio Ambiente.

Así nos cuentan la experiencia dos alumnas de 6º: Lucía Martínez y Leire Arenas.

Por Lucía Martínez:

The other day a teacher called Nuria from the foundation “Salud Ambiental en la Escuela” was teaching us why we have to read the pictures and labels of clothes, creams, shampoos…

We also played games that helped us learning at the same time as we play.

We played three games. My class was divided into four groups of five people. The first game consisted of identifying food with the ingredients they give to you and also saying which of  the  ingredients were healthier.The second game consisted of finding in the article shop (prepared by Nuria) the ingredients she told us in one of those products in the shop. And then, the third game consisted of thinking about pictures that appear in products. To play these three games she gave us a booklet to write. Finally we were talking about other pictures such us:

What do the labels tell us ?

Por Leire Arenas

With Nuria, we have learnt how to read labels on products correctly , looking for the bad ingredients that products have.
We have learnt too how to look for healthier products, for example : in eggs if the number starts whit a zero, it means that the hens have been fed with more natural products, than the hens, that have eggs with three in the beginning of the number.
We did a game, that was to guess from what product was the label. Then , we did too like a supermarket and she said an ingredient and we had to look for the product that has the ingredient.

 Fotos de los talleres