Our trip to Madrid (by Daira Martín-Luengo and Paula Montero)

The day started at 09:00 when we arrived at school. The bus followed 40 minutes after, and we began our trip by 10:00.

When we arrived in Madrid we were very excited because we saw a lot of tourist buses, and we started saying: -That one! -That one! (Many times)

When we got on the tourist bus we sat at the top in order to see the amazing views. We all picked up a map with the route, or “voyage”, that we were about to go on.

The “voyage” started at the Temple of Debod.
Next, we visited the “ancient zone” called the Austrian zone, where we saw the biggest castle of Europe: The Royal Palace of Spain. The  oldest houses, the oldest cafes, (which are more than 100 years old); and finally The Plaza de España. After that we visited The Neptune Fountain, where the Atlético de Madrid goes to celebrate when they win.

Later, we visited The Prado Museum and Retiro park, that was constructed in order to divide the society and the natural area. When Retiro Park was first constructed, it could only be used by the wealthy and those considered clean, however, nowadays, everyone can use the park.

Following Retiro, we visited Atocha station, where we saw the famous statues of giant baby heads next to the station’s entrance, by  Antonio López. They represent day and the night.

Later on, we saw the Cibeles fountain and the S. Bernabeu stadium, and after that we went to the Castellana. Castellana has a lot of trees, as Madrid is the second greenest city in the world, following Tokyo.

As well as this, we went to The Puerta del Sol, where we saw the giant chimes clock and the Congress of the Deputies.

Finally, we finished the trip returning to the Temple of Debod, where we ate breakfast and took photos.