‘One day in London’ by María Carrera, Ainhoa Maeso and Áaron Correa.

Last Wednesday, after the break we made a route through London with Tess (the former language assistant of our school) and two other British girls.

We went to “La Nave”, where we found different images of London city: Big Ben, London Eye, different museums, the map of the Underground.Hyde Park, Tower Bridge, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, etc. and Tess explained us what we were going to do:

They separated us in different groups, two minutes later the activity started. Each group had a map with different  questions about the pictures of London. Each time the group answered one question, Tess or her partners gave us a coin. The first group which got the twelve coins, would be the winner.  But if we spoke Spanish the teacher took us one money.

This trip to London was amazing!