Second day 18-06-2018

(By Lucia Salso, Pilar Arroyo, Claudia Pulido, Paula Montero, Daira Martin-Luengo and Ariadna Martinez)

Edinburgh, Scotland                                 Monday 18th June 2018

Today we had a long day. First we ate breakfast and we got ready to explore Edinburgh. Later, when we got out of the hostel, we went near the Royal Mile and we saw some sculptures and monuments; and then we started the tour guided by a professional girl who specializes in Scottish history.

First, she spoke about ancient Scottish history and then we went to a cemetery called Greyfriars where we saw the tombs where J.K Rowling used the names of some of the Harry Potter characters and the school where she brought her daughters.

Later on, we went to see a  street called Victoria’s Street where they told us a famous story about a woman with some misadventures.

Later, we went to the Botanical Park and we had so many plants and trees; finally the teachers bought some tickets for us to go on the bus because were very tired.

Mums and dads, we love you. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to travel.