First day 17-06-2018

(By Tatiana Gil, Lucia San Roman, Candela Molina, Silvia Gallardo and Kimberly Gutierrez)

Edinburgh, Scotland                                       17th June 2018

First we went to security, then we bought food and drinks in terminal 1. Then we went to the gate and we boarded the plane. We sat in our seat and the plane took off, we were very nervous because for some people, it was the first time on a plane. 

Then people brought food, we talked and played, we went to the bathroom… The flight went by so quickly for us.The plane landed and the flight attendants were so nice. Paula Montero, Claudia Pulido, Candela, Tatiana, Kimberly, Mario Linares and more pupils were waiting for the bathroom and suddenly a ginger hair man in the second row woke up from sleeping and hit his head on the ceiling, it was so funny! Then we got off the plane and we went through passport control. Finally we left the airport and took a bus to our hostel, it was so exciting because we were in the upper level.

We walked to the hostel, we ate our lunch and we had to make our beds, it was so hard for everybody because they were bunk beds. Some people went to a grocery shop to buy deodorant, cookies, water and bread.

Then we went to walk around Edinburgh for a tour organised by Mario Linares, Tatiana, Ariadna, Lucia Salso, Uriel, Jennifer and Claudia Martinez. We saw King’s Theater, the Cameo Cinema, the Scottish man playing the bagpipes, the little dog with the gold nose and more things such as churches.

Then we came back to the hostel and right now we are writing this.


6th Grade