March 28th by Lucía Martínez

Today we have been to Dun Aonghasa  (Inismor-Aran Islands). First whe we woke up we went to the dinig room, in the hostel. Later (five minutes after) we went to the bus station. The bus took us to the port where we got in the ferry to the Aran Islands. When we arrived at Inismor we were walking for about 2 hours to the fort, Dun Aonghasa. The walk was very fun.

In Dun Aonghasa my group (Paula, Lucía Cuesta, Pablo, Raúl, Darío and me) were explaining what the fort is, something about the Celts, the druids,…

There were beautiful views from the cliffs.

Finally when we returned to take the ferry Pablo and Judith surprised us with a bus that took us back to the pier.

It has been an incredible experience