Third day 19-06-2018

(By Carlota Hernandez, Paula Chaves, Víctor Estrella, Yaiza Aniceto, Adrián  Mariblanca y Eva Gallardo)

Edinburgh, Scotland                                 Tuesday 19th June 2018

Today we had a very good day and we did a lot of things.

When we woke up, we remembered that it was Salso’s birthday and we sang her happy birthday, then we ate breakfast, we got ready and we went to Jupiter Artland by bus, that it took us 30 min.

In Jupiter Artland there were a lot of sculptures and a lot of flowers, like a big white church that had a corridor in the exterior called Rose Walk (it looked like the movie “Alice in Wonderland”), and also there were statues of girls that were crying, called the Weeping Girls.

When we finished looking all these things, we ate our sandwich of tuna and mayo, that was delicious. We also bought some souvenirs typical of Jupiter Artland. We went to the bus station to go to the old town.

In the old town we visited the Holyrood Palace it was fantastic too, the Scott monument was very tall, of 61,1 metres and it has 257 stairs. And we climbed a big hill inside Holyrood Park to come back home.

Finally, we had a shower and we ate pasta bolognese with tomato.

We think it was an excellent day!