Today, in English class, we were explaining our decorations, we wrote a writing about how to make the decoration, useful tips to make it and the materials we need.

These are some examples of our decorations, they are great!


El pasado lunes estuvimos creando nuestro propio adorno de Navidad en clase con la ayuda de Emily y Georgina.


Además jugamos al bingo de Navidad y aprendimos vocabulario típico de estas fechas.

School trip to Madrid 5ºA

La semana pasada estuvimos en Madrid, visitando la capital en autobús turístico con guía bilingüe y estas han sido nuestras impresiones:

«Yesterday my friends and I went to visit Madrid by double bus. We could sit on the top, to saw great views of the city. The view was incredible!!» (María N.)

«Madrid is a very beautiful city, because they have very monuments.» (Claudia C.)

«We toured all Madrid and what I liked the most was the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the Towers of Colon and a fountain that people know as the Dolphins, which is in the Plaza of the Argentine Republic.» (Daniel)

«The building of “enchufe”  was very funny» (María S.)

«We saw The Cibeles and I liked too much because is very beautiful and it looks very nice.» (Ainhoa)

«Then we saw the Cervantes Institute that promotes the Spain culture in other countries. « (Álvaro)

«We ate the sandwich in the garden of the Templo Debod.» (María C.)

«When we finished, we went in the bus to the school.» (Aarón)