Columbus Day & Native American Day by María Nieto, Lucía del Real and Ainhoa Maeso.

Today, we are going to tell you how we celebrated the Columbus Day and the Native American Day in our school. In this day, we celebrated the day that Colón (or Columbus in English) discovered America.

First, we arrived at school at 9 PM, as everyday. The teacher showed us a very interesting video about how and why we celebrate this two festivals.

Then we did our Indian crowns, because we had to get dress as Indian people. Finally, we looked like authentic Native Americans.

When we finished our Indian crowns, we started doing our totem, a symbol of the tribe. It was a very good job.

At the end of the day, we had to learn a typical Indian dance, the rain dance. We practiced it in class, dancing around the totem.

Then, we went out to the playground and we danced all together. We also recorded this part.

This part was very very funny.